My Strategies for Getting out of a Rut

Now in my last two blogs I do come across as incredibly positive and most people who meet me will agree that I am a pretty positive person – the cup is always half full in my life. But as I am sure is the case with many of us, I too can get stuck in a rut which I have to work hard to get myself out of. I will experience those days when I just cannot get myself started – the motivation is at a minimum. I believe we all need one of those days from time to time – a duvet day so to speak – to allow ourselves to wind down and re-set. We may feel guilty at the end of one of these days (I certainly do) but I know that I also feel a little stronger.

For me I know exactly what I need to do if I feel one of those days is approaching at a time when I need to stay on top of my game…

Go for a walk

Now this is an easy one for me as we have a spritely working cocker spaniel only seven months old who likes to run for miles in the woods so getting up and going for a walk is not really an option in our household. I know that when I start walking, come rain or shine, I start to think differently, I have a different outlook on life. This morning for example the fresh air allowed me to think about what I could write in my next blog…yes this one. While I am walking I have a dialogue with myself, I make lists in my head and plan the rest of the day.

I know that going for a walk as early as I can will set me up for the rest of the day. I will return home wanting to achieve what I planned in my head on my walk. I know that if I leave it too long to get out I have the potential to find excuses to not go, which as I said before is never an option with Ted the puppy! Another huge benefit of getting out and walking is that I know it will contribute to me getting a good night’s sleep.

Have a tidy and write a list

They say a tidy house is a tidy mind…well I agree. As someone who spends some time working from home, it is essential that I am motivated when I am here. What I do know about myself is that if my house is not tidy, I cannot focus. For me then if I have a quick tidy (once I have returned from my early morning dog walk), I feel in a much better position to start my day – I feel more organised. What I then do is write a list. I am one of those people who needs a list which I will then prioritise. Once I have this I can set about completing the tasks so that I can feel the joy of crossing an item off my list…there isn’t a better feeling.

Set mini, achievable goals

As a coach I spend a lot of time discussing goals with my clients. Achievers in all fields set goals, whether they are top athletes or successful business people, and they do it because it provides long-term vision and short-term motivation. I have a coach and she helps me achieve the goals that I set out for myself in the long term but in order to reach them I must conquer smaller goals along the way. I have found that by giving myself daily achievable goals I can see how literally anything is possible. It is when we look at the big picture we can be daunted and feel scared but break it down into bite size chunks and you will soon see what you are capable of. Each day I mentally give myself a goal (writing it down helps) and before I go to bed I think about how I achieved that goal. My goal today is to incorporate goal setting into my children’s lives – I will get back to you and let you know how that works out.

So none of this is rocket science but these are the strategies or tools that I rely on to help me to re-set the clock. Like I said before, I think we all need some down time but we need to find a way through it and walking, tidying, list writing and goal setting are all things that help me on days like this.

What are your tools for success?