Change your Mindset and Achieve More in 2020

The 5-week programme that will help you achieve more
The mindset is a powerful thing and plays a huge part in what you achieve in your life. By becoming more aware of your own mindset and choosing to think differently, you have the potential to do so much more. In this 5-week programme you will learn more about your own mindset and the impact that it has on your everyday. You will learn how to set goals that you are more likely to achieve as well as creating good habits. You will understand how you can think more positively, turn negative thoughts upside down and how you can ‘get back on the horse’ if you fall off. By the end of the programme you will have achieved a new goal and you will feel differently about how you tackle things moving forward.
Dates: Mon 6th Jan: 10:00-12:00 / Mon 13th Jan: 10:00-11:30 / Mon 20th Jan: 10:00-11:30 / Mon 27th Jan: 10:00-11:30 / Mon 3rd Feb: 10:00-11:30
Venue: Rume2, Sussex House, 12 Crane Street, Chichester, West Sussex
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Businesses employ my services as a trainer because they know their people will truly benefit from the investment. I have been delivering training for 15 years and focus primarily on Presentation Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Increasing Team Effectiveness with DISC Personality Profiling, Managing Millennials and Interview Skills training. I continue to receive positive feedback and I believe it is because I love what I do, I am passionate about people and I stay up to date with the areas in which I train.


I am a coach focusing in three areas. As an SME business coach I work with small to medium businesses to help them focus on their goals while maximizing leadership presence, inspiring and motivating team members and developing excellent emotional intelligence. As a life coach I work with individuals to support them in making changes in their lives whether it be with personal development, work-life balance or change. As a student coach I spend time with young adults with huge potential to help them look forward, getting them to consider their short and long term goals and then working on a plan to get them there. As a coach in all areas my role is to support, motivate, challenge and essentially act as a cheerleader to help my clients reach their goals.