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As a coach I spend a lot of time listening to people talking about their lives and there does seem to be a lot of cross-over. I have often thought about how I could create a safe environment to bring people together to discuss such issues and then, to my surprise, when reading the latest issue of Psychologies Magazine (which I am a big fan of) it suggested creating your own Life Leap Club, an inspirational, kind, supportive and uplifting community which each month discusses dossier content (from Psychologies Magazine) while enabling small changes in the lives of people within the group. So guess what…it is a new year so I am going to do just that. So what does it look like:

A group of 8 people meeting monthly to discuss key questions as highlighted in Psychologies Magazine Dossier section.

MY ROLE: The facilitator, posing questions, and creating the agenda.
YOUR ROLE: To show up and be part of a fab inspirational community that makes a difference to each other and yourself.
The GOAL: To provide a place for people to connect once a month to talk about how we can survive and thrive in the world – no matter what. It’s about listening, caring and having a laugh.

The first session will take place on TUESDAY 29th January from 10:00-11:30 at Rume2 in Chichester and will cost £20 per person.

To book your spot, please email or phone me on 07401 064334.

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