Are you content within all areas of your life? If not, Coach Your Way to Contentment might be just what you need. Hosted by ME, each episode will consider how you might bring greater contentment to your life. As well as speaking about my own experiences, I will also interview different people to find out how content they are and the path they have taken to get there.

Season 3, Episode 3: Contentment with Vicky Edwards

In this episode of Coach your way to Contentment I speak to Vicky Edwards. Vicky is a celebrant, a writer and once a year transforms into a fairy godmother. Vicky talks about the variety that she has in her career and how that, together with other things, is what makes her the most content she has been in her life for a very  long time..

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Working with O&O Trainer Coach

As a Trainer and a Coach I work with three different groups:

For Individuals

As a COACH I work with individuals, males and females from 18-70+ who want to make changes in their lives to achieve more. I work with people who are stuck, and need to find a way forward. I work with people who want to work on their mindset and personal development. I work with people to build better habits and I work with people who want a change in their career but do not know where to start.

As a coach my role is to support, motivate, challenge and essentially act as a cheerleader to help my clients reach their goals.

As a TRAINER I deliver 1-2-1 Presentation Skills coaching, Mindset programmes which are open to anyone and 1-2-1 Interview coaching.

For Businesses

Businesses employ my services as a TRAINER because they know their people will truly benefit from the investment. I have been delivering training for 15 years and focus primarily on Presentation Skills, Personal Effectiveness, Increasing Team Effectiveness with DISC Personality Profiling, Interview Skills, Become a Growth Mindset Manager.

As an SME business COACH I work with small to medium businesses to help them focus on their goals while maximizing leadership presence, inspiring and motivating team members and developing excellent emotional intelligence.

In addition, I work with individuals within businesses to coach them to their full potential.


For Students

As a student COACH I spend time with young adults, (from 16+) with huge potential to help them look forward, consider their short and long term goals and then work with them to create a plan of how to get there. In addition, I work with many students to help them prepare for University, apprenticeship and employment interviews, both face to face and via Zoom.

I feel that my biggest role as a student coach is to motivate and help students to believe they can.

As a TRAINER I deliver mini lifeskills workshops on Presentation Skills, Mindset, Building good Habits and Resilience to name a few.

I also provide support to students around CV writing and Personal Statement writing.