The Importance of Movement to Me

by Luci from Luna Mindful Movement

Over the years I’ve come to realise that regular, daily movement, in whatever form, is crucially important for my overall wellbeing.

I think the science is there and we all know that body “maintenance” is a no-brainer. In the same way a car needs to be well maintained, serviced and fuelled so do our body’s. With failure to do so potentially resulting in a breakdown!

However for me, more importantly than physical wellbeing, is how regular movement makes me FEEL. Put simply, the positive effect it has on my overall mental wellbeing is huge. Your whole life and how you view it can be turned around just by simply moving more, and regularly. The benefits of blood pumping around your body helps you feel clearer in your thoughts and generally happier and more positive about the day or challenges ahead. I often find that my ultimate thinking time is when I’m out on a run or hiking up and over the glorious South Downs. Equally, I feel that when I am moving around in nature, focussing on my breath, body and surroundings, that this can also feel like a physical meditation, which is 100% mindfully energising.

Regular movement helps me feel much more productive, positive and energetic, which really impacts how I behave. I am a much NICER person; more tolerable and patient and generally much more effective and solution based when tackling challenges. It really does make that much of a positive difference. Try it.

I’d be a liar if I said I was always on the move to feel good. Like everyone, sometimes the motivation just isn’t there. This is when I have a binary choice; to either give in or remind myself how I feel when I get out for a walk, or importantly how I’ll feel when I don’t. When I go through a period of little regular movement and lack of motivation, I generally feel lazy and lethargic, negative, intolerable and can be pretty grumpy! The simplest of challenges feel overwhelming and just too damn hard! This is not how I want to be and all it takes to change this around is investing time in just MOVING. Stick myself on auto-pilot, don’t debate, lace up my trainers and get out.

You don’t have to run a marathon or walk for miles to realise all the positive benefits. Just making time to fit in a 30 minute Pilates session, a 5K run or a strength workout into your daily routine is enough to help you feel strong and productive with positive energy.

Feeling strong, agile and flexible are my key motivators for movement. I want to continue to move without stiffness, aches, pains and prevent injury for as long as possible. I want to be that 90 year old springing out of bed or dancing in the kitchen. I’ve come to realise that putting the effort in now, will help me live a fuller healthier life, likely for longer and I will feel much happier on the journey. Although being active doesn’t necessarily mean it will prevent me suffering illnesses, it does help reduce the likelihood and give me the tools to better deal with whatever life throws my way.

This is why I practice Pilates and ultimately trained to be a Pilates Instructor. In a nutshell, regular Pilates practice helps me enjoy walking, running and dancing all the more. By being more body aware of correct alignment, breathing and using my core, to move more efficiently, helping to prevent injury, strengthen my core and improve and maintain my overall range of movement and health. Pilates is also good for my mind, keeping me in the moment as I concentrate and focus on coordinated flowing movements. So for me, a win win combination of physical maintenance as well as mindfulness.

So, I move to feel positive! I move to feel happy! I move to keep healthy in body and mind! And generally move to make the most of life and all that it throws my way!

Luci x