Why Movement is the Essence of Play

“It [play] is the ‘meaningless moment’ that makes the day memorable and worthwhile”. Stuart Brown, M.D.

I love to walk, or ‘stomp’ (as I prefer to call it). I live in Chichester, surrounded by the South Downs and spectacular coastline. Stomping, outdoors in nature, is all kinds of therapy. As much as I love a stomp, I believe I was born to ride a bike, and I use my spinning bike as a tool to inspire movement. Because I believe movement is the essence of play. As Chief Banana Officer, my role is intentionally playful, and my mission is not only one of connection it’s one of play.

Set to launch POWER – my spinning bikes, wireless headphones and bananas business – in Spring 2020, lockdown gave me the opportunity to reinforce the power of play, not only in the form of bananas, but in the form of movement.

Play is not just for children. Play, as adults, is essential. Play, if defined as ‘time spent without obvious purpose’, has the potential to provoke anxiety or, worse still, shame. However, engaging in a state of play invites a shift into the present moment, which is a great antidote to anxiety and depression.

For those caught in a spiral of shame around the pre-supposed irresponsibility and childish nature of time spent without obvious purpose (play), I – via POWER Online – invite them to explore and honour their choice of movement. Because one person’s reason to move may be the same as someone else’s, but only when we move in our truth – our why and our what (type of movement) are aligned – will we feel the joy of movement.

Walking is one of the most accessible options for POWER Online ‘riders’. “Pins for the win” exclaim ‘riders’ who celebrate walking, as their choice of movement, and their opportunity to accept an invitation to be part of a special bunch, the POWER family. Walkers join ‘riders’ – a mix of walkers, runners, rowers, dancers, paddle boarders, skiers, indoor and outdoor pedalers – who move independently, at their pace, connected (live on Zoom) to the banana bunch.

“Of all animal species, humans are the biggest players of all. We are built to play and built through play. When we play, we are engaged in the purest expression of our humanity, the truest expression of our individuality. (Brown, 2009)”

Play as a stimulus to grow human talent and character – imagination, innovation and creativity are all beautiful outcomes of play.

Play has the power to equip the individual to thrive on a rapidly evolving planet. Play shapes the brain to manage stress, enrich empathy and connectivity, improve resilience and adaptability, and seek out novelty and newness. Just five minutes of movement sends a signal to our brains that we are embracing the potential, and power, of play to create a shift; both physically and mentally.

POWER Online is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, anywhere in the world. ‘Riders’ connect to Zoom, honour their choice of movement and ‘ride’ for 45 minutes, to a specially-curated playlist and bike chat (my real-time mental strength and positive motivational words), whilst I ride my spinning bike.

POWER in the Garage is a physical ride location in Chichester, West Sussex, UK, and includes POWER Zed (Generation Zed 4′ 10/147 cm plus) And POWER-To-You, spinning bikes, wireless headphones and bananas, delivered.

Ready to ride? email [email protected]