Creating Positivity in your Every Day

Creating positivity in your everyday is so important because it impacts your life in so many ways. A positive outlook impacts your relationships, both at home and at work, and it can also impact your health because it can help to relieve some stress. So what simple things can we do to be more positive? This weekend I delivered a presentation on ‘Positivity’ at Club Forty’s fantastic workshop so I thought I would write down my top tips for you all to mull over.

  1. For me awareness is key in everything that we do. Are you aware of how positive you are? Would you consider yourself to be a positive (glass half full) or more of a negative (glass half empty) kind of a person. Consider how much negativity exists in your mind – how much negative self-talk is happening and then take the decision to turn it upside down. The more positive we are in our thoughts and actions, the more positive our outlook is.
  2. Smile more. Smiling is contagious so when we smile we make others feel better too so why don’t we all do it more often? Smiling elevates your mood and creates a great sense of well-being, even a forced smile can lead to a mood boost. it also, according to Ron Gutman’s book “Smile: the astonishing powers of a simple act,’ can generate the same amount of brain stimulation as up to 200 bars of chocolate. I challenge you today, after reading this, to smile more. When you are on the train, bus or in your car, see how many people around you look miserable and let that be your trigger to smile – I can promise you it will make you feel better – and it will help others to feel a little better too.
  3. Take better care of yourself. You know that when you put the right things in your body, when you exercise and when you chose to wear things that make you feel more confident, your positivity is lifted and you feel like you can take on the world. So keep up the momentum and your positivity will be maintained to a point where it might become a habit.
  4. Be fully present in all that you do. Put that phone down and focus on what people are saying to you and how they appear when they are talking to you. Really think about what you are eating – things definitely taste different when you think about them as you are eating them. It is amazing how much your mood can be lifted when you become more present.
  5. When was the last time you complimented someone? Well if you haven’t done it in a while try and do it today. Not only will it make the other person feel great but it will also help you to feel better too.
  6. I am not always popular when I suggest the next thing because people love their beds but it is a MUST for my positivity routine so I will share it with you now. It is banishing the SNOOZE button!!!!! Sleep experts will tell us that when we snooze we start a new sleep cycle but the next snooze alarm interrupts that sleep cycle so regardless of how many hours of great sleep we have had that night, by choosing to snooze you will always feel more sluggish (the saying ‘you snooze you lose’ really does relate to something). So why not just set the alarm to the time when the final snooze button goes off and jump out of bed at that time. Put your alarm clock (not a smart phone) on the other side of your room and then you cannot fail to do this. I urge you to try it and reap the benefits – you will feel more positive and productive in your day.
  7. Finally, and remember this list is in no particular order, surround yourself with positive people who lift your mood, who make you smile and generally make you feel better. You know who they are. Seek them out today.