Lockdown Learnings

It feels like an incredibly long time ago that we were all in lockdown. For some people, this time was a breeze while for others it was an incredible challenge. For many, life has returned to ‘normal’ even though many of us said that we would make changes once we came through that time. Over the last week I have been reflecting upon what lockdown meant for me, my learnings and what I will change as a result.

I LOVE routine

This is one that I knew already but this became particularly clear during lockdown. Having the husband home (he worked away pre-lockdown) took some getting used to and obviously having the kids around all the time was a huge change. The combination meant that there were times when we all got on top of each other but what I noticed was that it was definitely my mood that determined the kind of day we would have as a family and my mood was better when my routine was followed. I thrive with a routine and I am a nicer person as a result. A consistent routine helps me to have a more positive mindset, one in which I can easily grow.

The outdoors

I love the outdoors and I felt grateful every day during lockdown that not only do I have a garden but also we live a short walk away from a lovely National Trust woods. Our daily walks in the woods kept me and the rest of the family sane! We were able to see the changes in nature which was definitely good for the soul. We have continued to go on as many family walks as we can.

Go at your own pace…don’t feel pressured

As we entered lockdown back in March I had all kinds of plans, things I thought I wanted to achieve during that time. This feeling was fuelled by many people on social media talking about everything they too were going to achieve from baking to exercising and reading a whole list of books! I started PE with Joe Wicks, intent that I would go the duration but that ended badly with a trapped nerve in my shoulder and me not being able to do much for four weeks!!!! That time, with little sleep, no exercise and a foggy routine, really allowed me to think about my life. I definitely experienced ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out) throughout this time, seeing others running and biking and having fun (in my eyes) and started evaluating my own life. This reflection really helped me to see that I had all I needed – my kids were happy, my husband was home and we were all content together. We don’t need much and I do not need to feel like I am doing less than others just because of what they are putting on social media. I am happy going at my own pace. I do not need to let others’ actions pressure me.

Empathy is key

We are all different! We grow at different rates and we react in different ways depending on the environment and the different people around us. Having empathy, considering and understanding the thoughts and feelings of others, is always important but especially so during such a time that was lockdown. It certainly hit some people differently to others and for them, what would have been a ‘normal’ comment pre-lockdown, was taken badly during this time. Having empathy at all time, during a lockdown or not, is something we should all work on.

Give others room to grow

My kids are 14 and 15 so home-schooling while working was definitely not as much of a challenge for me as it might have been for others. What I learnt (but already knew) was that where I encouraged my kids to try different things, making mess a long the way, they thrived. When my kids were smaller I really had to grit my teeth when the glitter came out but I have learnt (thanks to my husband making me understand its importance) to embrace the mess and value the outcome. I have witnessed my son mastering making banana bread and sausage rolls, my daughter has made different chilli dishes (one was so hot I couldn’t eat it!) and has mastered the sewing machine. I do believe that without this time maybe this wouldn’t have happened. I will most definitely continue to encourage my kids to try everything.

I am incredibly lucky

The most important thing that I learnt during this weird time was that I am a lucky lady and I will never take that for granted. Both my husband and I continued to work, we have our health and our kids have thrived.

How about you? What have you embraced since this time?