I Need a Kick up the Backside

When I work with coaching clients I use a transformational wheel which helps people see where they are in different areas of their life at a given moment in time. This really helps when setting their short and long term goals. Over a number of sessions we work together to define the goal, ensuring it is SMART and inspirational before developing a plan of how they will reach the goal. Following these sessions I leave it very much to my clients to set the agenda of each coaching session – I encourage them to think about what specifically they want to focus on in that session and what they want to achieve by the end.

Recently a lovely lady with whom I work said that in her session she needed the focus to be a kick up the backside. It really made me smile because it is a really common request and a reason why so many people decide to work with a coach in the first place. We all want to achieve different things and we set ourselves goals but without real accountability, without someone around to support, encourage and motivate you, you may struggle.

So what does it look like when a client sets the agenda around needing a kick up the backside? Well it’s important in the first place for the client to remind themselves of their goal. Where do they want to get to and why it is so important. This really does help to reignite the passion for why the goal was set in the first place. It is then important to consider what is working well and celebrate this before moving on to the subject of what needs to change. It’s important at this point in the conversation to understand the reasons behind certain things not working. I can then encourage the client to re-work their plan and support them in moving forwards.

In terms of my role as a coach in helping to kick people’s backsides (this is not my only role) I am there in whatever capacity I am needed. With some of my clients they want to be left alone to get on and do it before coming back together for the next coaching session. There are others who ask for a little more support just in the beginning to get them on their way. For these people I check in with them to see how they are getting on and they are very honest. Generally, the outcome is positive and the kick up the backside has worked which creates an incredible feeling for them and for me.

One client with whom I have worked since lockdown number 1 had this to say about the ‘kick up the backside’ support she gets through coaching…

“I need a regular kick up the backside, a boot out of the negative mindset and into the positive. Out of procrastination and into determined and decisive. Coaching helps me to focus on my goals and feel inspired and re-motivated to just get stuff done! It is a willingness from my side to accept responsibility for my actions. Coaching also helps me to regularly review my habit tracker while suggesting smarter goals, with Claire not telling me but cleverly drawing out the ideas as my own. Coaching allows me to think about the impact of getting things done, asking “how will this make you feel”? Coaching sessions give me a spring in my step, offering light bulb moments which make me feel inspired to be successful and achieve what I had previously felt was impossible. A Positive Mental Attitude helps me to believe in myself.”