Remaining Positive in Trickier Times

So we have reached October! I think we can all agree that we are all a little tired of waking up every morning and hearing the increasingly negative news surrounding Covid-19! It is not a great way to start the day. The fact however is that the virus is not going anywhere in the immediate future so we have to keep going, finding ways to remain as positive as we can which I appreciate is easier said than done. Well I am here to share a few of the things that I am doing each day to maintain a positive balance.

Start your day in the right way
My first recommendation would be to try to avoid looking at the news or any form of social media as soon as you wake up. Instead, try something different, something that you know will put a smile on your face and will make you feel good. Once I get out of bed I have my glass of water, do my morning stretches while I am waiting for Ted the hound to return from his morning jaunt around the garden, and then make myself a cuppa. After that I do 10-15 minutes on Duolingo – I am now learning Italian!!! I then read for about 10 minutes and look for a motivational podcast to listen to later in the day. Only then do I concede to the news which I watch while doing a 7-minute Lucy Wyndham-Read workout (look her up…it is quick but effective). At that point the negativity from the news arrives but it impacts me less because I am starting from a better place.

Do something good for someone else
During lockdown I believe we were all more giving of our time to the people around us - doing what we could to help. Having said that, since life returned to some kind of normality, these little acts of kindness might have stopped. Think back to how you felt when you last did something good for someone else. A small act of kindness can go a long way in helping someone else to feel good while having an incredibly positive impact on you and your day. Recently I sent a postcard to one of my clients. She wasn’t expecting it but it absolutely made her day which made me feel good too.

Smile…as often as you can
It was Spike Milligan who said that smiling is contagious and I am in complete agreement. I know that when I see someone really smiling it makes me smile too. A smile really can change the path of someone’s day so make a point of smiling more. If need be, put a reminder note on the dashboard of your car, or on the screensaver of your phone.

Have fun
Make sure that you are taking enough time in your day to have fun. Listen to music, watch comedy (I can recommend the latest Michael Mcintyre on Netflix), play games, call a friend who lifts your spirits…whatever helps you to take your mind away from the negativity.

Get outside
We all know the benefits of getting outside into the fresh air to support positive well being. Take time to do this every day. You can go for a run or simply go for a walk. Just being outside will make you feel better. When I walk I do so listening to a positive podcast (if you need some recommendations please just yell) or some great music. A little while ago I created a ‘Positivity Playlist’ that you can find on Spotify (look for O&O Trainer Coach). If you have any titles that you think I should add, just let me know.

And there you have it. We are all dealing with this current situation in different ways based on our own circumstances but where we can maintain a sense of positivity in our lives, the days will seem easier.

If you have anything that you would add to this list please let me know.